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  • Karl

    Uh oh it looks like a miscommunication that might not go too well

  • Shade

    Hmmm……..Gloria seems like a pretty chill mom.

    • Higuera

      AND seductive too…(if she has to)

      • Shade

        Now I look forward seeing the eventual ‘meet the parents’ chat between Gloria and Chrissy.

      • goodtigerclaw

        mmmm explain that in great detail heeheehee

  • MrAMP

    Well, I’m actually impressed that she handled the whole situation well. Pity Quick didn’t clear up the air about the whole girlfriend thing. But I am curious to know why she would think Jazmin when I don’t recall seeing her in the room back there.

    • Eltharrion

      They did mention that they’d gone through the place few minutes ago, searching for quick. They could’ve seen Jasmin there, and her having some great… personal outlook quirks, she’s someone you would remember. Even if it is just “that girl with en eye mark”.

    • maybe he had some photos of Jazmin on his phone? or they just happened to cross paths off camera?

      • BlackWind

        quite possible buut i don’t think Quick has pics of Jazmin in his phone tho

        • goodtigerclaw

          i know for a fact he has more than a few…there quite iiinterestiinnng too

          • BlackWind

            oh really??? pics for proof or it didnt happen man!!!

          • goodtigerclaw

            T-T how might i be able to show you them? :3

          • BlackWind

   simple copy n paste the link of where the picture is at either web page or other like this fan art of Jenny I did click the link there

          • goodtigerclaw

            how might i do that if the pics arent mine and i have no access to them? :3

    • BlackWind

      maybe she saw her in the girls locker room when they found his phone at and did not see Chrissy there at the time

  • Guest


  • Anthony Ramirez

    MILF, just being blunt

    • Argent

      Gonna go ahead and jump on the MILF train

      • Anthony Ramirez


        • Mr. Al

          Ah what the heck, me four!

          • goodtigerclaw

            damn straight! im in too CHOO CHOO CHOO BITCHES

  • Cameron Harrison

    Wow, Gloria is hot, beautiful, majorly adorable and probably the coolest mom ever! 😀

  • Cory Tenorio

    She’s mom of the year.

  • David Foxfire

    Mom of the year, with a douchebag for the father. Doesn’t that bastard know that Quick ain’t writing his schedule? I do hope, however, that Quick rechedules that interview at a better time. A job will do him good, but Dad throwing that at him when he’s indesposed? What if he wins that game tournament, gets some cash prizes, and have a nice trophy to show for it?

  • CinnamonSalve

    Am I the only person with the sneaking suspicion that Quick’s mom is going to use this info as leverage?

    • BlackWind

      leverage for what? on Quick’s father maybe other than that i can’t imagine her using this info for anything bad other than helping Quick out with his father’s “demands”

      • CinnamonSalve

        Devious thinking non-the-less, using possible outcomes to manipulate your husband’s opinions. Benefit of the son at the cost of the father.

  • Phlosioneer

    Clear the air? More like throw a few smoke grenades! There’s more miscommunications on this page than breast sizes!

  • DarkPhoenix

    Toucing :’)

  • Prisim

    Still waiting for Jaz and Quick…I’ll just be over here…

  • BlackWind

    aww that was very nice and understanding of his mom to help him out and to be of approval of his girlfriend (even tho it appears she did not see chrissy but jazmin instead) we’ll have to await n see when Quick decides to introduce Chrissy to his parents next time

  • Wolf2125

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love Quick’s mom. She is something else.

  • Quick’s dad had a harem of ladies chasing after him too?! MasterGodai, you have got to make us a prequel comic of his side of the story, though to be honest, I never really thought that this comic would be some sort of a FurryHarem Comic, and Quick’s mom is already thinking that its Jasmin.

  • Joya

    “I don’t know all about that” What?! Quick you ARE NOT that slow are you?

    • Chuck

      His middle initial “K” must be for Klueless!

  • goodtigerclaw

    fluffy “T and A” i LoLed so much when i read that XD i litteraly screamed LoL

  • Cathy

    surrrre a guy can have a harem of girls and the mom would be ok, but if i or any other girl has a harem of girls we become the family satanist-.-
    anywho glad his mom is nice ^^

  • Even with the miscommunication at least Gloria is trying to hear Quick out about what’s going on.

  • bladra

    wait quicks dad had a harem of girls chasing him back then and now quick is kinda doing it!!!! is this some sort of genetic trait!?!?!

  • william

    nice to see how caring his mom is, but i can’t help but feel that quick’ll be hurt soon because of a misunderstanding.

  • Dave Otow

    Quick go with Chrissy!!

    • Shadow5000

      Well life is about chances. We won’t know till the end.

  • Cedric

    Can someone please explain this to me so I do not have to go through the WHOLE comic from the beginning in order to understand what my teensy little brain couldn’t possibly understand about this strange and slightly fantastic drama?

  • Wolf2125


  • Tammy

    I would not mind a hug like that, and I’m not being gutter-minded when I say that

    • Wolf2125


      • Tammy

        who doesn’t love a hug from their mama?

        • Wolf2125

          I know right.

          • Raconis

            but a massive bosom like that doesn’t hurt either.

          • Wolf2125


  • AnonAnon

    Somehow I feel like Hawke said something(s) he shouldn’t have, and may be the new target of an arranged marriage, or better yet, he claimed to already be married to her, and Swoop’s mother plans to hold a celebration of sorts.

  • Dart Devious

    Are those blue wrist thing attached to her or are they genetic?

    • Raconis

      they’re bracers. I’m not sure why she’s wearing armor to this fight, but *shrug*

      • Dart Devious

        Maybe its dragon fashion.

  • Cory Tenorio

    ohh boy. and Moon would kill to be in swoops position.

  • XEspadaX

    I…can’t…breath…but is…so…damn…gooooood…….xp (faint)

  • Ratz


  • Slasheredge

    My hawk maybe be getting his/her ass kicked senses are tingling. But I at this point in time it’s hard to tell if rush or swoop is kicking the ass.

  • Razgriz Blaze

    And just how long is a year on their planet…relative to an Earth year?

    • Camlio

      I’m gonna go ahead and guess that these dragonoid type anthros are likely just as long lived as they are in fiction, meaning that 300 years to be at least an adolescent would make sense.

  • Ratz

    Could also be a Lethal Weapon.