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Kiss of a Rose

Kiss of a Rose published on 53 Comments on Kiss of a Rose
Hey guys as you may have heard Ive been out with a very Nasty stomach Virus that took me for a mega loop im doing much better now but still not 100% hopefully i will be once you all see this new post So here is the page where i got mugged right in the the middle of working on it  XD  Enjoy
  • Kendall

    Looks like Liona has herself a man

    Glad your doing better

    Also when will goyoku update again I wanna know why Riko is so afraid of mud?

    • mastergodai

      that Part of Reiko’s Personality has been Forever deleted due to it not making much sense in the long run Especially since She has been seen previously Splashing around at the Beach apoligies for the Confusion

      • Renadt

        Well, to be honest, beaches have sand, which does not make mud. Dirt, on the other hand, will. So, you can still have the mudphobia without consequence.

  • william

    glad to hear you’re feeling better, godai. nice update here, didn’t know liona was in a relationship. nice reveal there, especially the last panel.

  • Carbuncles

    you would think she learned to knock after so many times of walking in on people like this

  • DarkPhoenix

    Lol at chrissy’s random spurt of words in her surprise. And her face 🙂 Both are hilarious!

  • Cameron Harrison

    Huh, so Reiko used some kinda technique that caused trouble in the past eh? Interesting.

    Lol at Crissy’s mix match of words at seeing Liona and the body guard guy (I forget his name) kissing XD

    And it’s good to hear that your getting better!!

  • MrAMP


    A thought just occurred. If she had a boyfriend, why didn’t she just simple practice with…yeah never mind.

    Kidding aside, I wonder what that technique was that did that much damage.

  • blaze984

    Woah that technique looks cool, dangerous and forbidden but still cool. Woah did not see this coming but Crissy walking in on them, Classic.

    Glad to hear your finally feeling better

    • The_Rippy_One

      It is good to feel better, we are glad you are doing that very thing!

    • alex_longfur

      Quick’s rubbing off on her.

  • ravor9933

    Puppy senses cliche

  • MaveriKat

    Liona deserves ALL the kisses!

    • The_Rippy_One

      Liona: it’s always sugar time…

      • MaveriKat


  • Chocothunda


    I…am now in need of a good cold shower O_O

  • LostGryphon

    Now I have Seal in my head. Thanks for that. 😮

  • Wolf2125


  • Leito

    I dont know if in the last panel she says a part of one song of seal…

  • BlackWind

    Ok this was kinda unexpected that Liona and her bodyguard were a couple? I guess Liona has gotten over Quick n got herself her own boyfriend (siigh them’s de break)
    Anyways Chrissy you’d think of Knocking on people’s door rather than just barging right in, my guess is Liona will use the movie scene practice as to why they’re smooching here XD. Well til next time (hope you’ve recovered nicely too Godai) also my previous post disappeared???

  • dcreeperfarm0

    Woah, Liona and her body guard are a couple? This is a good idea for the story. And a forbidden technique? MUST LEARN!! Also glad to hear your feeling better

  • Tygepc

    Glad you are doing better. Hope it continues. Congratulations!

  • Dis

    So Reiko ran away from her duties and responsibilities to screw around with Skylar and to top it all off she has this hidden power but instead of using it she cowers from it. What a waste. I know I heavily criticized Jazmin, but I am routing for her. She has the determination and dicipline that Reiko lacks, but Reiko is the better fighter and Jazmin lives in her shadow which puts her in a embarrasing position. As for Liona, she made herself look like a ditz in the fifth panel.

    • Lady Dragoncat

      Being a baby sister myself, I can relate to Jazmin all too well. My older siblings drove me crazy throughout my childhood. I was always destined to be the “odd one out”.
      Well, if I am so destined to walk a different path from the rest of the family, so be it. I shall excel at what I do, and be proud of myself for it.
      And even though this is a fictional story, I hope Jazmin does the same.

  • Lady Dragoncat

    WELCOME BACK!!! Glad to hear you’re getting better!
    “Kiss of a rose on the gray”?
    Why does that sound like a line from one of Seal’s songs?

    • Resulli

      That’s because it is. Just turn “of” into “from” and you have the same lyric. 😛

      • Ace

        Actuly isn’t the song “kiss from a rose on the grave”

      • Ace

        Actuly isn’t the song “kiss from a rose on the grave”

  • Zombo_SK

    Hope Godai feels better now

  • Foxtail33

    So Reiko is a super saiyan??? SWEET!!!!

    • Epic face9999

      IT’S OVER 9000!

  • FoxHound1

    Well Godai, take your time, there’s no sense in making yourself weak from having to push yourself to get this done; it’s just a web-comic, not an international best-seller in the making.

  • AuraMaster

    Wow. SOMEONE’S been listening to too much Seal XD

  • Shade

    It just hasn’t been Crissy’s day. Well wishes on getting better Master-of-the-comedic-arts Godai

  • chiar98088

    ………………………….. they look like there in jail and trying to get intertaned…….

  • Mikael Brooks

    And Chrissy proves yet again just how eloquent she can truly be.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Methinks the s**t is about to get real!

    • Radar

      wait, wasn’t it already real, if it wasn’t does that mean we were in the matrix??

  • Max West

    I like the very form fitting wardrobe of those ladies.

    • Wolf2125


      • alex_longfur

        Don’t we all?

  • Wolf2125


  • damn AJ looks good, and who the hell’s Xavier anyway, does any one got a link to a picture or comic page of him I can look him up on, or has he not made an appearance in Project Zero yet?

    • nightarix

      Xavier the OTHER undercover cop, y’know the one red(i forgot her name, and Xavier’s real one, meh) was squeezing down below a page or two ago.

      • Renadt

        No, Xavier’s the target. Eliza was shaking down Ken.

        • nightarix

          ah right, i forgot he was bluffing that claim…

  • Cory Tenorio

    OOH BURN!!

    • Radar

      someone call the fire department, cause you just got burned

  • Tammy

    this won’t end well

  • DarkMyste

    and now the real fight begins….. round one .. fight..

  • william

    ouch, if there are two things gals don’t like to be called, it’s fat and old.

    • Radar

      especially since Eliza cant be older than thirty

  • Radar

    same here