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Friends Are There

Friends Are There published on 34 Comments on Friends Are There
Hey there Folks Another week Down while I brave this Thunderstorm here in Atlanta I bring you and Update Full of Cheesecake  Theres always Room for Cheesecake XP Seems like Reiko Still has alot going through her mind and is Trying to Hide her feelings but not for long till she’s back to her Flirty Pink self  ..sigh Cheesecake is one Hell of a Drug..
  • Yup, Reiko’s going to be fine.

    • mastergodai

      Yup Everything is going to be ok!

  • Clifftothemax

    Been a while since we’ve had a shower scene with Chrissy. Ah… the return of fond memories.

    • mastergodai

      There will be Plenty More !

  • Josh

    Squishy boobies!!

    • mastergodai

      The Best Kind!

  • titanvicegrip101

    Reiko, you are the absolute best!

    • mastergodai

      That’s why she is one of my Favs XD

  • Jason Johnson

    Awesome Update! I hope you didn’t get any of this Hail we had here in Atlanta.

    • mastergodai

      I think Some spots had the Hail all we had is Pollen XD my Red car is now Yellow

  • Cameron Harrison

    Hehehehe! THAT’S the Reiko we all know and love!! ANd what’s more is we got some wet Chrissy action! Could there be anything better!?

    • mastergodai

      a wet Jazmin as well ? XD

      • Night-X

        Don’t think going get that luckly for that one. But still can be hope for it.

      • Cameron Harrison

        Oh we can only hope! >:3

  • MrAMP

    Seriously! How does Chrissy not see this coming?

    But try as she might, Rekio is not going to dodge her troubles that easily.

    *Joke #2*
    Yeah cheesecake is such a better drug than humble pie. Taste better too XD

    • mastergodai

      yeah it’s obvious she is still troubled by something ..

      Also, Cheesecake! its whats for dinner!! XD

  • Pillbug

    Chrissy, don’t be surprised. Is Reiko.

  • Mage

    Good job, Chrissy. You’re a good friend.

    Bad job, Chrissy. You’re an easy target.

    • Ravin

      Haha, It’s so true.

      • Epic face 9999


    • mastergodai

      So easy

    • mm2525000

      but it makes it all the more fun…

  • BlackWind

    Rei may be lost in thought buuut she has always had a soft spot for Chrissy and well it’s why she couldn’t resist XD

    • mastergodai

      i know right XD

  • dcreeperfarm0

    classic Rei

  • steve

    *takes a quick snap shot from his Iphone* I’ll be uploading this soon and keep it to myself and probably share it with the other guys esp Ravin…. >_> <_< That is if I don't get caught in the act… *throws a smoke bomb and runs away*

  • william

    yay, rei’s back to her normal, pervy self. chrissy should really know better than to let her guard down around rei, even if she was acting different.

    • mastergodai

      Poor Chrissy she always leave herself wide open …wait…

  • alex_longfur

    I think it’s just me, but have Rei’s breasts gotten larger??? Not that it’s a bad thing, but there comes a point when the breast-to-body size becomes unattractive… Ignore this.

  • TheOneBlueNinja

    Yyyyyep. Saw that one coming. Also, is it just me, or does Reiko look really chubby in that last panel? >_>

  • Why down below says “end”?

  • Ratz

    Great Ninja Skills you got there Reiko.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Classic reiko

  • nothingatall

    I’m a sucker for that too… Hmm, I’m sorry, did I type that out loud.