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  • Pillbug

    Holy crap. Hope you get better, Godai!

    Atte: Your readers (And me).

    • felixfox

      holy crap might be a bad choice of words .. any way feel better bro

  • Lance

    Health comes beforehand. Don’t worry we’ll wait so get yourself fixed up. 😉

    • Random dragon/cat


  • blaze984

    Don’t worry we understand completely, being sick suck. Next time politely turn down Crissy’s Cooking (Sorry had to make that joke)

    Feel better soon.

    • Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III

      Yup, had to be done….. 😉

      Best o’ luck wit’ the ol’ stomach and may you be up an’ at it again soon…..

  • Hunter

    Wow, I really hope he will get better. Make sure you tell him to drink alot of water, some healthy foods and alot of rest, Mihari.

  • get better soon

  • Cameron Harrison

    Dang, that must really suck getting food poisoning. Give the guy my best!

  • 20sixtyseven

    I will literally cry if he doesn’t get better, but I hope he does! gl man

  • raul_alin

    bad indeed(even though i never had food poisining,thank god),but i’m sure the fans will understand
    anyways,hope you get better soon,Godai

  • Foxxtails

    Health is always more important than making a comic. Take your time and get better, we’ll be here when ya get back.

  • Nevyn

    -sad kitty- oh well, hope that he gets well ^^

  • Hope you will feel better soon C:

  • The Lone Wulf

    Augh! That’s terrible! Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  • Anonymus

    Just don’t die!

    • dcreeperfarm0

      Does food poisoning kill?

      • BlackWind

        not really but it feels like your gut muscles are being pulled and also gives you the “Runs” so need to be bed ridden for few days tops

  • Lady Dragoncat

    OMG! That totally bites (no pun intended)! You just concentrate on getting better. Take comfort in the fact that you have crated a comic that is worth waiting for.

  • william

    sorry to hear about godai being sick, hopes he get’s better soon

  • Oasis

    no problem, your health comes first , take it easy. no worries. again
    i am enjoy the web comic and rest of the team with the other all make a wonderful webcomic^^ I have a lot of fun reading

  • Jan Valentine

    take care bro health before the comic

  • Schlachtenbumler

    Ganz gute Besserung Godai. Erst mal wieder auf die Beine kommen 🙂

  • The_Rippy_One

    Thanks for telling us Mihari! Hope you feel better, Master! Do you need to take up a collection? He has seen a doctor, right?

  • DoctorHakase

    Its fine, take your time and get better,

  • KentDA

    Food poisoning … not something I’d wish on my worst enemy. I’ve had it … and it is seventeen shades of yuck. I only had a mild case, but it was almost a solid day of absolute agony.

    Godai, take your time to get better. Food poisoning is a nasty little monster!

  • Tygepc

    Hope he gets better soon! Good luck to him!

  • Gabria

    Then forget Rascals! Hope you get better soon, Godai! Take care of your health, don’t be stressing about us fans needing our Rascals kicks. Take all the time you need and I hope you get better soon.

  • avenger_co

    I had food poisoning once. It felt like donating a kidney…twice.
    Rest up and you’ll probably need more than a week off.
    After all when it comes to being fair to everyone, you still have to be fair to yourself.

  • dcreeperfarm0

    We understand, I hope you get better soon, oh and salamaat (arabic way of saying get well soon)

  • Iamar the Wolf

    iamar here, hope yer gets better! This stories worth waiting for and I have eternity 😀
    avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and spicy and fatty foods because these will
    make you feel worse :p

  • roxas1307

    I had only just read page one two days ago, and I’ve loved every single page since. Get well soon, Godai! Take all the time you need to create such great works. ^^