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Destiny published on 51 Comments on Destiny
Back in the saddle  after that very Spicy Page Danny left  which i gotta get a frame for by the way  ( Thanks Danny )  now back to find out what Raven meant about Quick Asking her out on a Date and By the look of things I think Raven Jumped the gun a bit . poor girl  oh well at least she knows that she will release some stress kicking butt in ” Fight Fighter 4 ” ( cheesy name for it i know  😛 ) see you guys next week  oh and keep an eye on my FA page for a special announcement soon Containing something New
  • Anonymous Monkey


  • Cameron Harrison

    Oh Raven. You THINK your so smart, but you can’t even tell a guy asking you out on a real date from a game date. XD And this time Chrissy got on up on her!

  • Street Fighter reference!

    “You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!”

    • mastergodai

      Hooray someone caught it ^_^

      • That quote started the age-long myth about a secret method to fight Sheng Long in the original Street Fighter II, but it was all just a practical joke with cleverly done sprite edits. Now that legend became true in Super Street Fighter II Turbo with the debut of Akuma.

  • Clifftothemax

    Wouldn’t be feeling too proud just yet Chrissy. You’re still in the friend zone yourself remember? And it was your idea to put him there.

    • BlackWind

      ahh but there is the detail all she needs to do is just say the words and she’s back with him, also Chrissy is a gamer too maybe she could log in secretly to teach raven a thing or two about gaming.

  • Mage

    Get owned, Raven.

    • alpha-three-six

      Get owned, indeed.

  • SFF

    Karma’s such a bitch, ain’t it Raven?

  • My pleasure, Godai! Glad we’re getting our old assignments back. I dunno if I can keep up with Raven, Chrissy, and Quick’s love triangle as well as you. ^__^

    • mastergodai

      what can i say i watch way too many shows with this kind of stuff XD

  • Yup, ker-pwned.

  • Slasheredge

    Well I wasn’t right, but I loved the way it turned out. XD Raven A word of advice ask him the details before you go running of to brag.

    • mastergodai

      guess she got too excited

  • Daves1world

    Quick your just to awesome ^_^ I am sure that Raven is Gonna Dump Quick.

    • mastergodai

      that ,or think up someway to get his attention

  • Leito

    last panel: IN YOH FACE RAVEN!!!

    • Wolf2125

      Ain’t that the truth.

  • Ratz

    Hahaha Raven, he will only see you as a friend and thats it.

    • mastergodai

      ive been in similar situations i even took notes * pulls out a dictionary *

  • Pillbug

    Olé, Raven.

  • alpha-three-six

    Ha. Remember Raven, jumping to conclusions is bad. (Now to charge my phone and let it cool off from 6 hours of nonstop reading, not to mention dying on the charger 5 times and overheating twice)

  • dcreeperfarm0

    Friend zoned! Im glad the artists here arent messing with the fourth wall any more

    • mastergodai

      yeah this crazy pink pony took it away

      • dcreeperfarm0

        You mean pinkie pie? Oh and no one moves the fourth wall

  • Pulse

    It appears that I’m the only one who likes Raven….

    • mastergodai

      I like her ^_^

  • Hayo

    the friend zone, i know you well. plz go away

    • mastergodai

      the friend zone wont simply go away it must be conquered

      • Hayo

        indeed. let this be a lesson to all the people punch your problem in the face and it will go away but if you have to be careful of when to do so in a literal sence

  • Sabourok

    Apply ice water to the burned area

  • Chocothunda

    Damn, Christy, even Ken’s SHINRYUKEN doesn’t burn that badly XD.

  • william

    ouch, ravie’s date turns out to be a tourney participation, must hurt in the libido. also, i like how chrissy’s tennis skirt is so short. from this distance it looks almost transparent.

  • Eboncast

    hold on one minute, Chrissy is a hypocrite, in regards to making fun of Raven for getting “Zoned” by Quick despite the fact she flat out dumped and “zoned” him, raven wants him for sex and money, whilst Chrissy treated him and feared him akin to Cody, so Neither of them deserve the “Nes-Quick” if you will, so removing them I’d say Jazmin or some yet to be shown characters deserves to be in a relationship with Quick. so there.

    • mastergodai

      very sharp notice ^_^

      • soulman

        point set and match

    • MrAMP

      If I may, it depends on how you interpret certain events.

      Chrissy, for lack of a better description, broke it off with Quick due to her past and wanted some time off to get her career locked down. She still loves him and everything, but she just needed time to get her head straight. Granted, that might cause some resentment here and there, but that’s part of life. It has been noted and witnessed that Raven has been more into the sex rather than the relationship itself. Jazmin,..might actually be the most logical choice, but I can’t help but feel that her feelings might be “forced” due to family pressures. So it’s really a toss up there.

      • Pillbug

        But she’s quickly falling in love with him.

        *Ba dum tsss*

    • Ohnoes

      Wait, who said anything about money? Raven doesn’t even seem aware that Quick is wealthy…

    • Greg Morrow

      I’d argue that Raven is more deserving of a serious attempt at a relationship, since she has been actively pursuing Quick while Chrissy has been having drama bombs.

      Which isn’t to say that she’s perfect; her fascination with him borders on stalkerish and she has shown a willingness to delve into some ethically troubling actions to get a shot at Quick.

  • Voltaire

    Hahahahaha thats what we call karma! Also, Fight fighter 4…I would play it! great work as always Godai! Also is Raven sporting a new hairdo? cause the tail end seems longer then last time.

  • steve

    *Unreal Tournament Voice*: DENIED!!!

  • MrAMP

    Wow! Raven just got p’owned in public by the guy she’s hitting on. Is it just me or does that line/Chrissy’s stance remind of an old fighter game?

    • MrAMP

      Wait a minute…did Quick not want it to be a date, is he still holding out for Chrissy, or is he just into the game?

      • Mr. Al

        the word “team” ring a bell. she thought it was gonna be a modern kidna date, you know, playing videogames alone, but he had actually signed her up as a member of a team participating in a videogame tournament :3

  • bladra

    hehe nice pun

  • Carbuncles


  • alpha-three-six

    Quick: “Tonight, we dine in HELL!”

  • Mr. Al

    If the Bitch can’t respect, or share, a man’s love for games she aint deserving him. my mother never have had any issues with my father playing ww2 or football games.

    No I’m not that young, HE just played games being that old 🙂

  • Masstop99

    Liona McGraw is my fav