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  • Cory Tenorio

    being a ninja Jaz will honor chrissys decision.

    • BlackWind

      Cory that has Nothing to do with being a ninja but being a woman and a friend as hard as it may have been to do that decision of giving Chrissy the chance to get back with Quick rather than refusing and competing with her for him.

      • Cory Tenorio

        I’m just saying that ninjas have a sense of honor. but yeah good point on your part also.

        • Mr. Al

          Isn’t it odd how “assassins for hire” are expected to have a sense of honour? And that today most fandoms consider them some sort of martial artists rather than trained killers? I don’t think many japanese ppl during the medievals thought so highly of ninjas. Oh well ,that’s “hollywood romantication” for you x3

          • Eltharrion

            Ninjas were actually the opposite force of samurai. They used just about any method needed to get the job done: poison castle water stores (killing half the castle off), cut half the saddle straps so that most surely the target would fall off a horse (as well as half a dozen other people), sneak close dressed as a doctor and then put a dagger into your chest when you plead him to save your son, stuff like that.

            Or at least, some of the ninjas were. We have to remember that there were both honorable and douchebag kind of samurai, so both “normal” and “honoring the people” kind of ninja existed.
            Another funny note is that ninja started as farmer clans who wanted to fight against one-sided power of samurai class (permission to carry sword, cut down people by any reason, etc.), and didn’t tend to learn combat arts as much as ways of getting job done without being seen. EVER.

  • Joya

    I don’t care what anyone else says Raven is one of my favorites haha. But on another note something seems different on this page and not just the coloring…I think Ray’s hair was wavy before…

    • Ravin

      I would agree. Raven’s sassy nerdy attitude is awesome. I really like how she turned out.

      A few drinks loosened her up now shes comfortable, honest, brutal, and just fine.

      I half see her now under a car fixing it all messy and still kicking ass while chewing bubble gum. Shes just got that all around personal attitude now I enjoy.

      Still, Jaz is my favorite, but Raven is quickly climbing up there.

      • kitromney

        what you said about “honesty, it is the best policy”, and the return policy only counts if the other person is drunk or if they lose their memory after a car accident and “I feel like every bone in me body is broke”.

    • Eltharrion

      There might also be point that their boobs seem to have “sighted down” from previous two-three pages a bit and not standing up like two frozen cupcakes.
      …What, like none of you ever paid attention to stuff like that xD

  • Wolf2125

    I’m amazed at how long Raven’s hair has gotten. When did that happen?

  • MrAMP

    On my Christmas list…all the women mud wrestling in tight bikinis. Just saying…XD
    But in all due seriousness, is there any way those two will ever get along?

  • AnonAnon

    What a Merry Christmas that would have been… For Raven. Again this will all probably snowball when Quick intends to introduce Chrissy to his mother, and I can imagine his mother finding Jazmin and dragging her around town for a while before running into Quick. Que explosions.

    • kitromney

      what do you mean just Raven? don’t we have another girl pervert in here?

      • AnonAnon

        I don’t think Reiko would enjoy her sister beating up Chrissy :<

        • kitromney

          THAT’S NOT THE POINT! the point is that there should be a chick fight and there is the bettin booth over there in the corner.

  • Robert Winters

    if you ask me id rather see quick with Jaz shes a much better GF for him in my opionion.

    • BlackWind

      and my opinion back then was for Quick to get together with Liona when I 1st saw her glomp n kiss him out of the blue

  • ThatOneComment

    I am still waiting for Quick to clarify what he told his mom. The one with the eye mark, but images of Jazmin and Chrissy were on the page; though the answer sees to play obvious since they have yet to see Jazmin yet.

    • The parents found the phone with Jazmin. It’s Chrissy that needs the introduction.

      • ThatOneComment

        I see. I myself can’t decide which girl I prefer; Chrissy was nice in the start and then freaked out when she learned that Quick had a lot of money, thus thinking she might get hurt like with that sissy-pants from the flashback story. That made her put the relationship on hold. So as Quick hangs out with others, Jazmin starts to like him, and even see shim as boyfriend material; and from an outside point(I can’t remember what I’ve been reading), Chrissy gets scared she will lose the guy she liked/likes and quickly gets back with Quick. Which left Jazmin out and where we are today. So to sum it up, I like Chrissy a bit, but I probably prefer Jazmin.

        • Shade

          It’s still possible. Looking back over the number of comics, this one is really still in its infancy. It’s one of the reasons why I like in-progress comics, it’s exciting to think about what could happen.

  • Anthony Ramirez

    she should have just kicked her ass and claimed Quick as her own

    • BlackWind

      then if Quick learned that she did that then he would despise her for it, as Quick was the one that told Chrissy to make up her mind before he went on to ask her out on a date.

      • Anthony Ramirez

        what would make him think he is in a position to to argue with her

        • BlackWind

          because she is NOT his master to order him around or claim him like some servant!

          • Anthony Ramirez

            I wouldn’t argue with her

        • Tammy

          hey, in the Housepets comic, Peanut turned down an all-powerful dragon demigod and all she did was cry

          • Anthony Ramirez

            that was one hot dragon

          • Tammy

            eh, I’d say cute, not so much hot

  • william

    raven needs to rewrite her wish list now, hopefully with less violent demands, like a male harem.

  • Cathy

    still rooting for team jaz.. hehehe ;3 and raven didnt notice me steel her popcorn

    • Shadow

      Can I has?

      • Cathy

        hell no >_> you know how hard it is to be a ninja around jaz withought getting caught

        • Shadow

          okay, but just so you know, I was watching the whole time from the shadows. I guess I’ll just get my own, conveniently located next to me.

  • SuperNintendo64

    hehe Raven still doesn’t give Chrissy a break, even after befriending her XD. But I guess that’s what makes their relationship so interesting. Honestly, I like both Jazmin and Chrissy (despite her mistakes), but I honestly prefer Jazmin.

  • CinnamonSalve

    Anyone but Chrissy could see that a seven-stage beatdown was only one friends-breaking-up away…

  • Miafillene

    I lol’d. Hard, at Raven’s wish list there…but in her place…I’d probably be doing the same thing. Let’s hope Chrissy and Jaz don’t find out about the Quick Daikamura she has hidden in the closet…