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Cast Call

Cast Call published on 78 Comments on Cast Call

         Howdy, fellow Draco–err, Rascals fans! RazorFox here.

        I’m kinda newish here, as, until recently, I did “The Draconia Chronicles” here at Katbox. But, ummm, I got a phone call from Katbox upper management, and I was reassigned to “Rascals.” Let’s see if I can pick up where MasterGodai left off. He left some big, ratty, smelly, really worn-in shoes to fill, and I hope to make you all proud!   Don’t worry, Godai’s not gone, but he got reassigned, too. Focus group research found that he’d be better-suited to do “The Eye of Ramalach.”   Thou shalt not question focus groups.     Anyway, I look forward to keeping the “Rascals” train humming along, as armies of Dragons and Tigers descend upon the Rascalsverse and continue their centuries-old war, where neither side remembers why they’re fighting, but are locked in an endless cycle of revenge.   Tons of fun!   Take care, my fellow Rascalsians (Rascalses? Rascallions? Rascalamadingdongs?), and thanks for reading!     =RazorFox.
  • Zoie Falcona

    Now THAT was golden!

    • Surely, you’re referring to the armfuls of Oscars this movie will take home. ^__^

  • ProjectWarSword

    I see! April Fools fokes! HAHA!

    • Fokes? What’s fokes? o_O

      • Mr. E


  • Dis

    Chalo also wasted comic space in the false hope the readers were stupid enough to believe something like this. You must have some childish mentality if you think we are that gullible.

    • Eh, it was in our contracts, that Katbox upper management gets final say in which comics we work on. Consultants are infallible. We obey.

      Or, we could just be funnin’ ya. ~__^

      • Dis

        Even after I mentioned that you are not foolng anyone you still try. The idiot here is you.

        • One day out of the year won’t kill ya. Regular programming will resume soon. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by! ^__^

        • Gossimer

          T’is all a joke worthy of at least a small chuckle. Calm yourself and, pardon my vulgarity, get that large stick out of your ass…course, it may just be jammed up there so far it would take the Army Corps of Engineers to get it out.

          • Dragoon349

            They would shove five more in and ask you to pay double for each one because it is the army. Why do something wrong once when five times equals explosions and death

    • Thief



    • But you love Tigers gettin’ frisky with Liona, right? So some good came of it. ^__^

      • The Name is Quack

        I definitely did. >:P

    • Dis

      The most obnoxious day of the year.

  • The_Rippy_One

    Razor, you brilliant man you, I bow to your excellence! Great job.

    • Thank you, my friend! And be sure to read “The Draconia Chronicles,” if I ever happen to be reassigned back to it. ~__^

  • SWolf

    I barely started reading this a few hours ago before april 1st. and I felt my self saying

    noo………. But Its April Fools so I’m not worried. ^^

    • Perhaps, but enjoy the scenery in the meantime. And Briella would prefer that you call her “Mistress.” Nothing more, and absolutely nothing less. She wields a mean riding crop. ^__^

  • Hiorou

    LOL nunca espere ver eso en Briella, una dominatrix? XD… awww que tierno, Xhianil es mas del tipo romantico X3

    • Cada una tiene un estilo único, y cuando le pregunté a Briella que haría en una situación como esta, su respuesta fue una sorpresa total. ^__^

      • Hiorou

        Si ese es el caso es mejor poner una atmósfera adecuada! *inserte música porno de los 70* solo para darle el gusto a Briella en su visión artística BD

        • Servirá, pero para Briella, yo imagino esa escena con música “industrial.” Un poco de Nine Inch Nails o KMFDM, talvez? d^__^b

          • Hiorou

            Apuesto a que estas pensando en “fuck me like an animal” yo tengo esa de NIN XD

          • ¿Quién NO tiene esa canción en su playlist? ^__^;

          • Hiorou

            ¿Cristianos supermoralistas? ¿La babosa moralista que tapo todo en Ramalach?XD

          • Avencri decidió continuar con mis reglas de lo que se puede mostrar. Quizás existe una versión sin esas babosas conchudas. ~__^

          • Hiorou

            Tal ves, pero la babosa cristiana moralista te juzga ò_o

          • Me puede juzgar lo más que quiera. Que dicha ser ateo. ^o^

          • Hiorou

            Y se exorciza con sal XD

          • Sal… y Photoshop. ^v^

          • Hiorou

            Lo mejor para exorcizar!

  • MaveriKat

    That… is… FUCKING… AWESOME!!!!! <3

    • Sooooo, I’m guessing you like it? ^__^

  • creature360

    I am so fu**ing confused

    • It’s the best kind of confused. ^o^

  • Chocothunda



    • Bathing is good. I like a hygienic audience. ^__^

  • Crazymerchant


    • Chuck

      Madness? THIS IS KATBOX!!!!

      • And tonight… we dine… on whatever Briella’s offering for her–*ahem*–“guest” to feast on. ~__^

        • Mr. E

          *passes out from blood loss due to nosebleed.*

          • *turns on intercom* Cleanup on aisle 6.

          • Dragoon349

            8, 9 10 and hallelujah!!!!!!!!!
            That he blows is another understatement but appropriate for the gag

          • I think we’re gonna need a bigger mop. o_O

  • william

    best april fools update i’ve seen yet. i would like to see some dragon-on-tiger action (in the draconia chronicles story), and this comic gets close to that as it can so far in the story. briella’s ideas on the scene was rather suprising, but my favorite out of them all, including the frisky tiger twins.

    • Thanks for the kind words! A lot about one’s personality is revealed in the bedroom. Even I never would’ve suspected that Briella’s a dom. ^__^;

  • steve

    I think I’ll slip this image and sell it on E-bay for some big bucks and probably get to have the special DVD/Blueray for more… >_> I’ll be rich!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! >:D

    • I’m not sure if Godai would get a cut of that, or if it would be me. A lot of wrangling over intellectual properties going on.

  • MrAMP

    *Walks in* *Jaw drop for a minute*
    How dare you! This is completely offensive *pulls out a camera*
    I have half a mind to complain to the admins about this *has his camera crew come out, ready to shoot the scene*
    It’s times like these that I wonder why I read comics anymore *Shouts “QUITE ON THE SET!*
    In a completely unrelated matter…Quick! Sign this contract without looking!

    Too obvious?

    Kidding aside, nicely done! Now if we can see the uncensored version XD Seriously, give us the uncensored version or else >:(

    • I’ll have to re-ink and re-color the Briella scene without the clothes. But it sounds like that would offend you… and your camera crew. ^__^


        Hope you don’t mind the aggressive humor there, considering all that’s going on on this page. I kind of meant both to be a joke ^_^;

        But nicely done!

        • Naw, I was just making an oblique jab at another curmudgeon who found no humor in any of this. Really glad you like it! ^o^

  • It’s weird seeing the tigers fully clothed. Well, you know, where in they ARE wearing clothes.

    • You know my Tigers. Anything they wear doesn’t stay there for long. ^o^

  • Ratz


    • Is that a happy @_@, a sad @_@, or a shocked @_@?

  • Leito



  • DragonForLife


  • The Name is Quack

    Rascals crew, was sent to the Eye of Ramalach universe, the latter went to Draconia universe, and they ended up here. SUCH A FLOP-FLIPPED DAY!

    • It’s gotta be a sign of the apocalypse. Gotta be.

  • TheAngryOldFart

    Welp, that screwed up my mind…

  • dcreeperfarm0


    • You not only have to divide by zero now, but it’s fun, too!

      • dcreeperfarm0

        If this stuff goes on… i will be forced to divide by zero

        • Zero likes it! Zero loves the attention!

          • Mr. Al

            i watched a funny film called “the history of 1” or something like that, during a mathclass when I were still in school, a few years ago. A professor of some sort who knew how to make it fun. hihi, he explains that in the beginning of the modern service societ, one and zero left 2-9 to do a more prosperous solo career, so zero is actually pretty darn popular!

            also reminds me about how those big brutish roman “ones” bullied the poor, weaker and younger indo-arabic “one” 🙁
            darn bastards!

  • alex_longfur

    HA! You gotta ask for Babs! As in Babs Seed from My Little Pony!

  • IceMageSarashi

    Second last panel with Japanese Hiragana – Waaa~ I do like the use of Japanese in this :3

  • Shakai

    D-damn…. O.O

  • BlackWind

    Searge? or is it Sarge in anycase damn she’s getting the business now

  • Gotch

    it’s weird how police officers just must tell the bad guys they are breaking the law.
    Like the bad guys don’t know they are doing it.
    Mecha Mew for the win.

  • Shadowkey392

    This looks like a good time to break out that LAW.

  • deathknight

    That was more of a light tap to the face really. If it was a proper hit, said loudmouth firebrand would be out for the count