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  • eisenkrieg466

    This (and every) weeks theme song is “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. *in the worst Dick Clark impersonation ever*

  • Irate_Shaman

    Is this supposed to be a Frisky Dingo reference?

    • mastergodai

      The IT Crowd Actually

  • Zoie Falcona

    Dammit! *moves the lamp!*

  • Sanchez

    Heh, “It’s is…”

    • mastergodai


      • Sanchez

        Also, you don’t have to fix these, when Quick says I-I’ts.

  • MrAMP

    Thanks word balloons. Word Balloons: Whenever you want to…Now that I think about it, that’s one big balloon. How big is…nvm XD

    But I will have to admit that the Rav man does bring up two good points, specifically on waiting for Chrissy and the fact Skype needs some clothes.

    • Gravedigger


  • Ravin

    Im not worried about Skye’s penis so much as I am worried about his nipples.

    What in the thousand hells is going on with his body! Its not normal!!!!! XDDD

  • Cory Tenorio

    the result of “hanging” around with reiko all those years.

  • GES280

    it reminds me of my level of not giving a shit.

  • BlackWind

    but the thing is Quick is Not a player like them he does not want to start anything with the other girls because he knows in the long run it may backfire on him with his luck. while Ravin and Skye insist he try his luck with the other gals and “sample” them without a care in the world, in which he’s beginning to think now. hmm……what if

    • Ravin

      Wait wait, What makes Skye or Ravin a player?

      Skye is rather devoted to Reiko, while attempting to have fun and enjoy himself.

      Ravin has a rather open relationship and is honest with his lovers, whom he doesn’t play them or use them, but lives life to its fullest everyday to have fun.

      So tell me where ‘they’ are players? They are actually pretty real people with broad spectrum to them. To just throw them under the bus as players is a bit harsh.

      None of which either of them suggested Quick ‘Sample all the girls.’ After his breakup with Chrissy they tried to cheer him up and help him see other people, which any real friends would not want to see their friend remain in a slump.

      But I don’t recall Skye, or Ravin surprisingly, tell Quick to ‘Sample everything!’ Like its an all you can eat buffet. Infact, Ravin seems VERY strong for Team Quick and Chrissy, as Ravin even went to jail for fighting her Ex Boyfriend and hasn’t even spoken about it. He did it because he cares about women and their feelings, his friends most of all it seems.

      So lets not slander the characters.

      • BlackWind

        oh please mr Ravinism rules you n Skye were goading Quick to check out some other gals n put the moves on ’em and when you introduced them to Tani and her “hushpuppies” nearly gave him an anurism XD

        • Gravedigger

          what he said

        • Ravin

          Yes, And? Did you even read what I said? Did you even read what Ravinism was?

          I believe Reiko said, ‘HES DOING IT WITHOUT ME!’ Suggesting she really didn’t care and then teased Skye about it by slipping Tani some more money. But I don’t recall her calling him a player.

          Nor do I remember Ravin getting in trouble with his loved one. Infact she only cared about if her breasts were bigger or not.

          So yes, I am waiting for you to explain where Skye and Ravin are players, because your example isn’t very good at all. Being in an open relationship doesn’t make someone a player.

          • n!ghtshade

            You both make compelling arguments but I’m sure the creator didn’t want a fan war

  • Fishmeistercod

    Good god, you can’t just NOT show us twice in a row .-. Even I’m getting curious!

  • Josh

    I would honestly like to see the massive beast that Skye is packing!

  • GaryFischer68

    Is it bad that, when I saw the first panel with Ravin, I thought he was Rachel from Las Lindas? Either way, he’s really well-drawn on this page. Very cute.

    • Gravedigger

      I though the same thing

  • steve

    I don’t think Quick’s back was suppose to bend that way… O_o Now he’s getting more “quality time” with the girls now, thanks Ravin…. >_>

  • Gravedigger

    i think Ravin may be exaggerating a little on the “under your tail comment” It seems to be more three insanely hot girls are interested

  • william

    geez, quick is going through a dilemma with three girls after his squirrelly tail, and skye is strutting around in da buff. say, his thing isn’t still angry, is it? i can’t tell.

    • Ravin

      Doesn’t seem angry, just scary.

  • bladra

    i feel like im watching ranma 1/2 abit here since quick is somehow involed with 3 girls

  • MrAMP

    Hold the phone…where’s Quick Pimp Hat? He does have three women after all XD

    • bladra

      my guess is the hat got wrecked and as for the 3 girls ill put this as a class two ranma 1/2 storm

    • bladra

      also the ranma 1/2 class storms are out of 20 due to adding rivals and people who attack the person when he/she has more then one person that like them alot

  • Shadowkey392

    Skye’s personal theme is officially “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”

  • Cathy

    >_> i want to see the torpedo

  • Cathy

    -with a series of hideen pullies (much like a contraption you would expect in sandlot) and a claw at the end, i slowly latch it onto the speach bubble and drag it away fro sky.-

  • Liru

    why is skye showing off his junk so much lately? is there a reason that he’s all of a sudden like walking around nude o.O?

    • goodtigerclaw

      skye is so straight he dont care if dudes see it , dayum… almost jealus of him o.o (must proove straighness be back in two hours)

  • Clifford Warner

    o_0 whelp I need a drink!