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  • Sanchez

    NO, you cannot change.

    • Radar

      if you change you forfeit

      • DarkPhoenix

        BOOBS 😀

        • Phlosioneer

          There… there were too many of them. I… I tried, but… but the.. the D-cups… KO’d in round one…

          • Radar

            DING DING

          • Shadowkey392


        • Radar

          and ass, but mostly boobs

  • Argent

    And this bra you cannot chaaaa-haaaange. And this bra you cannot chaaaa-haaaange. Lord knows you can’t cha-yay-yay-yay-yay-yay-ange! (done to the tune of Freebird)

    • Josh

      Don’t you mean Freeboob?

    • Nicole Onyxheart

      FREEBOOB!!! *waves lighter* xD (gods i just showed my age there didn’t I x_x)

      • Josh

        Hey, nothing wrong with showing your age!

      • Ravin

        Most of us are right there with you.

        • Tammy

          big time

          • NOBODY cares about your age on the internet, because as long as you behave and talk fun in the discussion everyone accepts you 😀

          • alex_longfur

            Truth right there man.

          • Radar

            if only that was completely true

        • Radar

          im not but I still get the reference

          wait, is all y’all saying freeboob instead of freebird????

  • Clifford Warner

    Don’t you mean Boobdacious? ^^

    • Josh


      • Clifford Warner

        NAY! it’s Boobdacious ya god dang humpty numpty.

  • Chuck

    Sure, you can change, it’s shirts vs skins.

    • Slasheredge

      Ah but who the skins? Ya have to be specific or ya may get a surprise ya don’t like.

      • Radar

        if Chrissy is skins im going to take pictures

        • Slasheredge

          Then you find out that you cameras busted. lol

          • Radar

            id have a backup of course, and another camera guy hidden in the background taking pictures

          • Slasheredge

            Then the girl catch him, and break his camera. You mustn’t forget that their are ninja bunnies and cat girls around. Well reiko would probably pose for the camera, and ask for a copy o all the pictures.

          • Radar

            I have a ninja cameraman, and a secret weapon

          • Slasheredge

            That can handle three kunoichi?

          • Radar

            my secret weapon can handle anything

          • Slasheredge

            Then reiko hair goes white, and her enter beast is unleashed, and you wish you had another weapon… and a not broken pelvis if she’s feeling a little “hot” if you catch my drift.

          • Radar


          • Slasheredge

            Oh not everyone… lol

  • NinSonNar

    Great page, but I will note Naomi’s top seems to lose a lot of length between the first and last panels ;P

  • Cathy

    yes you can cgange. into videogame cosplay -gets camera ready-

  • BlackWind

    well it appears that at least jenny didn’t mess up Quick too much to be seen in public, anyways it’s mighty refreshing to see that Chrissy is willing to be his substitute in the competition (despite the fact of not being to change clothes at the time) this looks promising as it means she does not mind doing something for Quick at a moments notice XD.
    now to see what kind of moves she got in game :3

  • Cory Tenorio

    she’s just in her pajamas. what gives?

    • BlackWind

      What gives Cory is the fact that all this has gone over night and into morning therefore Chrissy has not slept and neither has Raven
      (They broke night and still running on “impulse” power until they run down)
      And other circumstances come along

      • Cory Tenorio

        Well that’s nothing a few bottles of mountain dew won’t fix, also I have a bad feeling about quicks job interview.

        • BlackWind

          yes something might not be to his forte so to speak and sadly it’s a recommendation from his father no less

  • Joya

    Why does this page have a foogy look? It looks like a flashback page, or a dream sequence page

  • Dragoncat

    Well, now… Let’s see what Chrissy can do.

  • BigBadWolf

    Its in HD man full 1 gigapixel man. your screens fuzzy not the image.

  • william

    she could change, but then people might leave from the lack of cheesecake at this event.