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Back Then Pt.2

Back Then Pt.2 published on 28 Comments on Back Then Pt.2
Hi guys here is a new one for you especially if your a Kyoko Fan XD  of of this scenario will be explained in Rascals Goyoku , and speaking of Goyoku I am Currently working on making some donation Counter to when a bonus page is Done For Both Rascals Goyoku and Project Zero ( thanks so much for being Patient ) AWA ( Anime Weekend Atlanta ) is Coming up Fast I will be attending the event’s Artist Alley Along with Danny Valentini  from The Draconia Chronicles and Antonio Galvan  Colors  for KnuckleUp we all hope to see you there .and Speaking of KnuckleUp New pages will Continue after AWA  ( once again thanks for being Patient XD ) getting everything ready  took a real toll on me and i needed to rest a bit . Anyways  Enjoy the new Page and see you next week XD  
  • MrAMP

    Holy crud!!! That was somewhat scary and hot at the same time XD

  • Titanius

    So, she went Super Bunny? (SSJ for your Dragon Ball Z fans)

    • Psyco Turnip

      I’ve always wondered what the “J” stands for, would like to get an answer for this please.

      • Fioret221

        The J, stands for “Jin” it’s been a pet peeve and a translation error on Funimation’s part for a long time. the suffix is used to denote an individual’s nationality, or planet of origin.

        I’m still not 100% clear why they are called Saiya Jin, because the planet they hail from is not called Saiya, nor is any region on said planet named for this, however, it is what it is. SSJ does indeed stand for “Supaa Saiya-Jin” (Super Saiyan).

        Much the same as in some anime you might hear an alien refer to humans as Chikyu-Jin(roughly: Earthling), rather than how we refer to ourselves being Ningen(Human).

        P.S. Yes I know, this was long winded, but I figure an in depth explanation is reasonable here.

        • Psyco Turnip

          This was quite informative, thank-you for the explanation.

    • DarkMyste

      worse from the looks of it she went super dark bunny{since she gave in rage} funny thing is i was reading on PS and here and i had to back track to remember Rascals Goyoku ps{fyi she recounting things that hasn’t happened as of yet in Rascals: Goyoku

  • Cory Tenorio

    So nick could’ve been crippled for life.

  • Cameron Harrison

    Holy crap!! Reiko went full of berserker mod!! and she snapped Nick’s arms like they were nothing! THat was majorly scarey!

    On a less serious note, who’s agrees with me that Kyoko has the biggest sweater kittens ever!?

    • Dudeler

      And somehow a nice camel toe to boot if you look close enough on panel 3. 😀

    • blackwind

      obviously so especially being under wraps like that (bras for size of her royal orbs are hard to come by X3)

  • Wolf2125


    • Gravedigger

      no kidding

  • Carbuncle21

    GAH she freaken snaped both his arms no wonder she ran off

  • blackwind

    so in a moment of berzerker rage and without hessitation she snapped Nick’s forearms like a pair of twigs due to someone’s pushing her buttons eh? also this is the 1st time we ever get to. see Reiko’s ears standing up so sharp too in a focused way, love that outfit she’s wearing btw.

    • Gravedigger

      isn’t that the outfit she wears at the beginning of the comic????

      • BlackWind

        maybe so but who knows if it is as she was working at PVN at the time so their outfits look like costumes

        • Gravedigger

          she could have brought the outfit with her

  • Christopherlee

    Seems Hamada had the last laugh if she saw the ending results =

  • Alex Dixon

    My god…this comic just got more serious.

  • Gravedigger

    Reiko looks too scary with her ears up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    make it stop Mastergodai!!!!!!!!!

  • Gravedigger

    about time some thing happens with knuckle up
    I was starting to think you didn’t care about us anymore!!!

    • BlackWind

      you do understand the man has other things going on to just drop things to update a comic page. so Pipe down and wait like the rest of us.

      • Gravedigger

        I absolutely understand that hes busy with his other comics and with his personal life. I was just expressing how good it feels to hear something regarding the comic after so long a break

        I was just kidding about the not caring part

  • Cathy

    super saiyans, super saiyans everywhere

  • Brett

    That was scary, sad, and brutal all at once. Nice to have some actual serious dialogue from reiko though!

  • william

    wow, tense. when I first got to know reiko, I didn’t think she had this kind of past behind her. I knew she attended a ninja-high school, but this is new knowledge.

  • zelda

    She looks so freaking cool! XD Loving it! lol

  • Shadowkey392

    Ooooh! Snapped arms! ….ouch…