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Awkward published on 50 Comments on Awkward
Tony aka upstairstudios on FA once again gave me a hand this week and ran colors on this page  im still in the process of getting ready to move to Atlanta hopefully soon  plus last night my Laptop decided to go Kaput on me X8  ( thats gonna take me a bit) but here is this weeks page Folks enjoy !  also  Tony ,Nekonny and Myself are still doing  Livestream commissions Donation  Drive for Megacon on open mic across three Livestreams so if you want to participate or just hang with us for the heck of it  Keep an eye on Twitter for When we go live ^_^    Enjoy the page Love you all !
  • xom

    Yes, how?

  • Cameron Harrison

    Wow. What the hell happened between those two that made Reiko wanna jet out of there?!

    • BlackWind

      a clingy type of guy perhaps? or maybe he’s not her type but as a friend don’t want to hurt his feelings? go figure

      • valcazar

        i assume some history must have happened

  • TristanSexyHusky


  • Dave “Alexander” Otow

    Seems to me that Reiko use to date him way long ago.

  • Josh

    More bashful boobies…SWEET!!!!!

  • Anonymous Monkey

    0_0 … that’s almost …. scary how fast she left

  • Deathneko13


  • what

    hoh god..the art.. everything is suddenly so shinyyy… x__x

    • Nevyn

      well you need to clean once in a while 😛
      but i realy like how it looks now.

  • Silver

    Am I the only person here that recognizes what that painting in the background is of?

    • Valcazar

      No your not the only one. It’s a Cutie mark. and NOt just any cutie Mark. It’s Twilight Sparkle’s who is now an Alicorn and a Princess of Equestria.

  • Blasen

    “Goombye” is a typo, I believe

    • mastergodai

      Nope it’s actually a slang that was used alot during the 1940’s The last time i saw it used was in a Archie digest couple years back

      • dcreeperfarm0

        Well I wouldnt know lol I was born in 2000 😀

        • alex_longfur

          Sooooo… what is a 13 year old doing on this here webcomic? Tell me, do you even know what a floppy disk is? I’m 17, and kids my age barely even remember those. My point is, you are a little young to be viewing some of these comics.

          • alex_longfur

            That sounded really bad…

          • LOL You are sounding like a 37 or 47 year old instead of a 17 year old. As for remembering old tech I remember when the OS was on multiple 5.25 inch (really) floppy disks that you had to load on start up and then load the program you wanted to work with. And if you wanted to switch programs, you had to save and quit the work and program before loading the next program.

          • dcreeperfarm0

            I was forced to watch porn in 6th grade and now im stuck with it D: I also like art and story, doesnt have to be the other stuff

          • dcreeperfarm0

            And yes I know that a floppy disk was the first computer portable storage system

      • Blasen

        Ah, I see

  • CJ

    hmm…wonder what exactly happened….and there goes Chrissy again showing her crazy side

  • jason

    yay twilight cutie mark picture me want

  • Razakel

    Wow a Reiko repellent, didn’t know it existed?

    • dcreeperfarm0

      And i didnt want one i wanted those big puffy boobs 😀

  • valcazar

    HE HAS TO BE HER EX! And her BF doesn’t even KNOW! that’s the only explanation why he is REIKO REPELLENT! XD

  • Crazyeddy


  • steve

    HMMMM… Me thinks that Nick is Reiko’s fiance or soon to be… That’s the only reason I can come up with… Or it’s Jaz’s fiance…

  • dcreeperfarm0

    Last 2 panels LMFAO

  • alex_longfur

    Who else spotted Twilight Sparkle’s Cutie Mark on the wall? I can’t be the only one.

    • mactravian

      you’re not alone

    • Vic

      That was the first thing I noticed about this page

  • CyberDeinonychus

    My god… Just when I thought Reiko couldn’t get cuter… Owo

  • The Name is Quack

    I swear, everything about Reiko is awesome. And then this… AWWWW YEAH.

  • nothingatall

    Uuuhh, is it weird that I found the awkward Rei so much more attractive that the slutty Rei?

    • Ravin

      Shy girls are sexy. Don’t blame you. Like Hanako from Katawa Shoujo.

      Or the older more mature types like Lilly.

      I like em Tsundere myself.

  • william

    i just noticed this, but when reiko was imitating chrissy’s panicked fast-talking thing, you spelled good-bye “goombye”

  • Ravin

    The -real- question on everyones mind is…

    Did Reiko’s breasts get bigger in Panel 1 – 2?

    • Jan Valentine

      Magic *snort snort*

    • She is probably heft-ing them differently.

      That, or there’s optical illusions going on.

    • dcreeperfarm0

      its your perv-vision

  • Jed Blace

    From the converstation it’s easy to guess that Reiko caused the so called accident which was mentioned on the last page

  • GES280

    “goodbye please” is my new line thanks to this comic strip.

  • Hotep

    cant wait….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheez

    Can you change the colour of the words in the Archive? I was going to catch up where I stopped reading but I can’t read most of the titles.

  • Oasis

    finally finish it =D now i am up to date, haha

  • Toxiity

    Twilight sparkle cutie mark *-*

  • Raze

    what species is the woman in the van and what accent is that?

    • Christa Crisp

      A horrible attempt at Maine? Chicago? Brooklyn? NYC?! I honestly can’t tell!! ;-]
      – it not foreign, is it?!