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Almost There

Almost There published on 30 Comments on Almost There
let’s see what everyone else is up to Before we go back to the Tournament Liona Drops a little secret about the all expenses  paid ( on her end not the studios)  arrangement feeling that she owes everyone a  treat for helping her practice for it now maybe that our little eavesdropper knows more on what she has been hiding she can stop being so secretive around the others  see you guys next week XD
  • gurrensimon

    You forgot the spaces between “Want to” and”All they” in Liona’s second speech bubble

  • MaveriKat

    LOL! Can’t blame him. Liona is a love. :3

  • eisenkrieg466

    ah-yep. taking “Busted” to new heights…

    • BlackWind

      Understatement! As when it comes to spying around other peoples business Reiko is #1. buuut mr bodyguard there is kinda her “Bane” so might spook her away again maybe.

  • Cory Tenorio

    What happened to being stealthy?

    • DarkMyste

      horny beats out stealthy any time you should know this already

  • MrAMP

    Reiko…mood killer!!!

    • swedish_kitsune

      more like cockblocker extraordinaier 🙂

  • Slasheredge

    The ninja bunny strikes again and apparently recovers fast. At one point see could stand to be in the same room with the guys cause of something from their past that cause her pain. However now see want to watch him “have fun” with Liona? Wow!

  • Nicole Onyxheart

    Reiko…stealthiest Ninja bun evar :v

  • Gravedigger

    Talk about embarrassing.

  • MaxL8

    Reiko the accidental cock block. XD

  • Dragoncat

    I’m surprised her “sexy senses” weren’t tingling, like last time.

  • feartheswans

    Its not too late for Reiko to drag them off somewhere now that the cat is out of the bag and the puppy is chasing tail!

  • Pillbug

    Reiko used Cockblock!
    It’s super effective!

  • william

    sad to hear about liona being canned, although I’m glad to see her relationship with her personal bouncer is growing. I can’t help but wonder, though, are they feigning ignorance to try to keep the secret from getting out, or are they just scared of what reiko would do? probably the latter.

  • IronWolfQueen

    I soooo want the Pink Bunny! ^_^

    • Gravedigger

      get in line

      • IronWolfQueen

        Oh I know *takes ticket number 999,999,998″ hmm..I might get a shot lol

        • Gravedigger

          not on your life

        • bladra

          hehe stinks to be you *shows ticket number 7*

          • IronWolfQueen

            Hey look,Elvis!*snags Ticket*

          • Gravedigger

            hey look Chrissy’s topless*snags ticket back*

  • bladra

    so close

    • Gravedigger

      yet so very far

      • bladra

        oh well maybe next time

        • Gravedigger

          yeah and maybe my cat staring at me too
          which by the isn’t going to happen anytime soon

  • CinnamonSalve

    Error 308: Stealth Not Found.

  • Marco Antonio Valladares

    I’m just confused on something…

    I used to read Rascals on the Petite Symphony site and there was a different kind of tournament going on…so shouldn’t there be a lot more pages than what’s here or did the story change?

  • Guest

    Liona is too cute when she’s jealous