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  • Yup. It happens. Not sure if Raven deserves some sort of karmic justice for that or not though.

  • Cameron Harrison

    Who knew Chrissy had such a dirty little mind? ;D

    • BlackWind

      not exactly a dirty mind but more of a wishful thinking gone overboard per say XD

      • Gravedigger

        whatever floats your boat

        • BlackWind

          who asked you! stop replying to my comments you @#$%!&le

          • alex_longfur

            May I suggest the yiddish translation of that word? $@&n$@&$ sounds more poetic.

          • BlackWind

            sorry Alex but that reply was directed at Digger not anyone else (he became “Sour Grapes” in general to me)

          • Shawn Bean

            But Alex still has a point; “$@&n$@&$” does roll off the tongue rather mellifluously.

  • Cory Tenorio


    • Gravedigger

      and I thought it was actually happening, now I feel like an idiot

      • Edge Knight

        hey look on the bright side…..

        • Gravedigger

          what bright side??

          • alex_longfur

            The one where they get into a game of cat and mouse.

          • Gravedigger

            a very sexy game of cat and mouse

          • Sanchez

            With rope?

          • Gravedigger

            yah!!!! wait what???

  • MrAMP

    Um…okay…didn’t know Chrissy was into that kind of stuff. XD

    Funny aside, it is nice to see Chrissy’s goofy side.

    • The_Rippy_One

      Most people are, a little bit. If they are in the right mood.

  • Tyro

    Ouch, serious dent action on the pole XD

  • BlackWind

    oh my it seems Chrissy’s Imagination runs a little overboard there thinking that Quick would introduce her as her Fiancee to his parents for approval of their “rekindled” relationship

    Quick would actually wish he could do that XD

  • Gamma

    It had me @ “Well Done Son” and I never looked back!

  • Toshiro Tushima

    It’s like reading “Love Hina” manga all over again! lol!

  • Oni

    Wait.. was all that really just a day dream or is this after the parents show up?!

    • CinnamonSalve

      Definitely after the parents showed up. She am-scrayed after the father started going off.

      • Gravedigger

        the best dreams always seem real

    • BlackWind

      that’s her personal fantasy daydream there buddy

  • AnonAnon

    I was thinking “oh good he did get to introduce her and things can be explained” but then I got to panel 3 and thought “…What?” and then I got smacked with the fact she was day dreaming, similar to how she got smacked by that pole, only my face took more damage than the pole.

  • Pillbug

    “Feel my love, woman!” is my new sexy–time phrase. Period.

    • Nicole Onyxheart

      Gods…i can see the incoming “Feel my love, woman!” meme pictures now xD

  • BK1000

    …so does this mean Chrissy and Raven are now buddy buddies?

    • BlackWind

      well it seems that after the hot spring chat and her getting sober the mouse just confessed that she didnt understand why she got so hung up on 1 guy so she kinda stopped that and befriended Chrissy from then on within this story arc

  • Brett

    Wait, where did reality stop and the dream begin?

    • BlackWind

      well Brett the dream began at page start and ended when she smacked.herself against the pole, that was her “Reality Check” moment ^^;

      • Gravedigger

        ive done that before except the pole was solid metal

  • Josh

    Well trolled!

  • swedish_kitsune

    I still think Quick made the wrong choice. Jazmin is the superior alternative, which was also showed in the voting poll earlier.

    • CinnamonSalve

      Just because a ship is liked doesn’t mean it will set sail. Did you forget how this kind of thing works already? 😛

      • swedish_kitsune

        Just like in real life 🙂

  • GES280

    so how much (if any) of that was real and how much was Chrissy’s imagination?

  • Gravedigger

    Gloria’s right, she IS adorable!!!!

  • GaryFischer68

    SUCH a good page! Definitely in my books as one of the best!
    Raven’s definitely rockin’ her new look well. Hoping to see more of it soon, for sure.

  • Kayla

    It seems like you forgot to do Quicks ear in the 4th panel ^^; correct me if i am wrong xD ^^

    • Prisim

      No, It looks like he had the line for the shadow, but never drew it. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts~

      • Kayla

        ah, oke ;w;

        • Prisim

          I still love you…random stranger…

          • Gravedigger

            you make Gravedigger laugh

          • Prisim

            Me Prisim laugh at your words

          • Gravedigger

            say what???

  • Cathy

    ^^ i have nothing to say but YAY!
    the picture took forever to load so as i was reading the bits that loaded -_- slowly. i got more and more confused and annoyed at quick, not even thinking it was a dream. then BAM! i fall over face read couldn’t breath XD

  • Timni16

    Chrissy is actually so adorable hahaha!

    • Gravedigger

      shes more than adorable

  • william

    her little fantasy looked so adorable. so what was the conversation betwixt her and quick’s parents really like?

  • Chuck

    I don’t remember seeing the “dream sparkles” before. Did you add them recently?

    • Aaron Goodrick

      I’m with you. I saw the page the day it was put up and looked a couple days later. the sparkles weren’t there at first.

  • Pillbug

    By the way, what’s Quick’s father’s name

  • goodtigerclaw

    man quicks dad is bad ass judging from the last few pages

  • goodtigerclaw

    *eats a mango* dumb bitch , you need to look where your going