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  • Garth Rine

    Unless she’s talking about the braided pony tail he’s sporting, he actually doesn’t look all that different from his 17 year-old self.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Previous comments got wiped again.

  • AnonymousDeinonychus

    JP, remember, ignore it, and it will implode on itself. Usually in a comical manner resembling a five year old finding out santa claus isn’t coming to his birthday party.

    ZD, listen here, you Filthy Frank wannabe, NOBODY CARES. Get a life. Maybe get a hobby.
    Just go away. Your opinionation reminds me of Westboro baptists. And those idiots are bottom bin crazy. So stop, and everyone will be happier.

    Shoo, troll, shoo.

    • Jawara Pittman

      Yes, you’re right. It is better to ignore him.