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#432 A Plan Outta Here

#432 A Plan Outta Here published on 72 Comments on #432 A Plan Outta Here

Hey, guys I just want to say that I understand that some people aren’t going to like Rascals or any other art that I do and that’s fine. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I never said that My art or this webcomic was the best thing since sliced bread I know it has flaws, I know that some people think its a pile of shit. If that’s the way they think it is, well then I’m gonna always stand by my pile of shit because I love doing what I do. and not a God damn thing is gonna stop me from doing it. all I wanted to do is give some characters a chance to grow those being Reiko Skye and Issy.  Granted the story has gone off the rails from a college slice of life story, but I wanted a chance to see these Characters in a very bizarre situation, that is one of my goal in this Arc. So to all those who are enjoying this story  Thank you for all the support and I hope to become an even better artist down the road.