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Loosen Up

Loosen Up published on 32 Comments on Loosen Up
hey guys I was gonna post up a filler this week but since Tony has been busy and could not update any KnuckleUp for two weeks i decided to go ahead and post the ongoing story Last Update has raised some heated Conversation in the comments and trust me, To all that have a problem with the way Quick’s Parents look I hear you loud and clear  I am working on my flaws in my art every day  ie “same face issue ” and ” young looking Parents ” i know that I cant please everyone and no matter what I do theres always going to be someone to point out my flaws i get that . in the past such things would have destroyed me but ive learned from my peers and fellow artist to have a thick skin and to learn from all critiques even if they come off mean sounding. that being said ive learned some really awesome tips from fellow artist ScorpDK  so you will see a slight change in Gloria and Kenny  when you see them again ^_^ see you next week