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Christina McCloud
Age Species Likes Dislikes
20 Civet Honesty Lies

Christina or “Chrissy” is Your Average girl next Door with a taste for the arts. She has a nasty Habit of not knowing how to make up her mind on certain issues which often leads her in very tight situations. Going to college was a fresh Start for her on what was a very emotional draining childhood which she doesn’t like to talk about often. she recently shocked everyone on how much of a gamer she is almost taking out a team in the finals of a gaming contest. Chrissy’s goal in life is to one day make a living through Art and Design

“Screw you, I have money!”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
22 Cat Money and Power Holding Back

No description yet.

Eliza R
“I am the law!”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
30 Civet Guns Law Breakers

No description yet.

Gloria Bourne
“Let the race begin.”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
48 Squirrel Her Family Sad Faces

No description yet.

Jasmine Usagi
“I have no time for your games.”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
20 Rabbit Honesty Laziness

Jazmin is second in line to take of the Godai Academy. and is Frustrated that its been handed to Reiko who Obviously is not taking the role seriously. Jazmin is very well much more Mature than her older sister Reiko and is not afraid to lay it out for anyone that annoys her.She Recently has been hounded by her mother to met someone so she can have grandchildren ,while dealing with this she learned that Quick and Chrissy were Split up and started to make advances in Quick’s direction . Chrissy and Jazmin Once had a very close friendship but now it’s a little shaky due to the flip flop that happened between Herself Quick and Chrissy . while everything is smoothed over Jazmin still holds a tiny bit of a grudge towards Chrissy . will she ever Get over it? only time will tell .

Jennifer Bourne
“I’m hotter and better!”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
23 Fox / Squirrel Hybrid Fit Men Skinny Wimps

No description yet.

Kyoko Usagi
“Well, these puppies don’t wash themselves.”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
48 Rabbit Nijutsu Posers

The Matriarch of the Usagi Family Kyoko is a very headstrong Woman who is the headmaster of the Godai Academy of Ninjutsu. for twenty years she has overseen the students of the academy
and Has taught the many ways of what She likes to call Modern non-kill ninjutsu. While many of the Techniques are still very Lethally Dangerous all the instructors are Told not to teach for killing purposes. but to Disarm and Subdue. Killing is Told to be a very VERY last resort. very Opposite to the Yotsuya Academy, Godai Academy’s Rival School. Kyoko knows that She might not be Around Forever So She Hounds her Daughters to give her GrandChildren before Her Time Approaches ( which is not for a very long time ). Kyoko from time to time Thinks of Her Husband as Deceased and visits the Place she last saw him ,part of her hopes that one day she will see him waiting there for her.

Liona McGraw
Hear me roar!
Age Species Likes Dislikes
22 Ocelot Music Reality TV

Liona is a Popular pop singer/actress who decided to start going for her Bachelor degree in Media arts she is the cousin of Skye Roarx and Also Quick ‘s First Girlfriend . after Middle school she left for California to start her singing career and also finish getting her diploma Once she was officially on her own She decided to head for Fawnermere College to spend her time at school with Quick and Skye a bit heart Broken to learn that Quick has moved on and started dating Chrissy She moved on as well and Met her current main squeeze hired to be her bodyguard.

“Don’t blink.”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
23 Cat Swords The Usagi Sisters

No description yet.

Nicolas Nash
“Holy orbs…”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
24 Dog Strength Training Failure to Protect

Nicolas and old friend of Reiko and Skye during their Academy days, Nicolas used to have a huge Crush on Reiko during this time and often wanted to prove himself to her anyway he could
whether it was little favors to the biggest of request he was there to lend her a hand . One dark day Reiko was Overtake with Rage where she could tell Friend from Foe and The only way to Stop her was from Physical Pressure point technique that required Reiko to be restrained.
Nioclas was the only one suited to the task since Jazmin was unconscious and Skye was in no condition for the take so Nicolas sprung into action . it worked ,but with a cost of nicolas losing complete use of his arms . with his nervous system damaged due to broken arms he had to quit the academy due to the training would have made it worse he returned home and became a Bodyguard for hire

Quick Bourne
“Welcome to hell. My name is Quick.”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
20 Squirrel / Fox Hybrid Games, Movies, Girls The “Freind Zone”

Quinstoperson K Bourne,( please just Call him Quick ..) A young Man from a Very wealthy Family . but in no way acts like it. He is very Quick to pick up on Academic subjects which is why he graduated high school at the age of sixteen .Once he was in college He majored in most major Subject and Earned enough Credits to graduate in just two years but he refuses to leave because he wants to take in more what the academy has to offer. then He met Chrissy and instantly fell in love with her . while the relationship has its ups and downs and while Quick has been Wishy-washy most of the time He just cannot Give up on chrissy at all .

“Time to Rally on the spot, boys!”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
22 Chipmunk Pornography Softcore Pornography

No description yet.

Raven Fields
Age Species Likes Dislikes
20 Mouse Games and Boys Bad Games

Raven is another prodigy like Quick who excelled in major subjects and finished college very early only thing different is that Raven didn’t stick around the campus taking more classes like Quick did instead she took a job at the college as a faculty assistant until she is ready to take over her fathers business . where she is earning a very modest living and now lives with her cousin in a very large Boarding house . When the first date with Quick and chrissy didn’t Go as plan Raven was a call in to take chrissy’s place upon getting to know Quick Raven became very infatuated with him leading to a heated rivalry between Her and Chrissy , After Raven noticed that She had way too much competition for Quick affection she Prematurely withdrew from the race and befriended her Rival one they learned they had a lot in common with each other

Reiko Usagi
“Like what you see?”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
21 Rabbit Cute & Sexy Guys and Gals Selfishness

Full of Fun and a Dirty Mind Reiko is the fun Trickster of the group. Reiko has the ability to learn very complicated techniques very Quick a talent pick up by her missing father no doubt after following Skye to the west after they Finished their teachings at Godai Academy of Ninjutsu she has grown accustomed to the western way of living and would rather stay in the west with Skye than going back to Japan to take her Mother’s place and head of the Academy. As much As she won’t admit it Part of Reiko would like to just be at peace and who knows. maybe even start a family with Skye someday .but not till much much later because Reiko Play for both sides of the field .and loves to tease chrissy about it. she decided to take up business management and is working with skye on all his MMA matches

“Sign my bewbs.”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
22 Desert Cat Skye Reiko’s Meddling

No description yet.

Skye Roarx
“Let’s rock!”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
22 Tiger Fighting Losing

Skye is often seen as a protective big brother of the group. Skye is much of a Trickster as Reiko is Which is probably why they compliment each other so well. he grew up with Quick in a quiet suburban neighborhood where they attended school together as best friends. after middle school
Skye’s dad wanted him to travel to Japan to further his skills in the martial arts. Upon arriving in Japan there he met Reiko and the two hit it off eventually when He returned to the west MMA fighting was on the Rise and he decided to make a career of it and the Three friends decided to attend the same college.One of Quick’s father’s company is Sponsoring Skye’s Career as long as he keeps his grades up.

“Food is good for the soul.”
Age Species Likes Dislikes
22 Brown Bear Cooking Burning Food

No description yet.

  • Valcazar

    omg you’ve had this about just as long as Las lindas comic i’m also following and didn’t put any pictures up! you are So LAAAZY! lol! i’m just kidding, your lucky i read all the comics, i don’t even need to know the who is who with pictures. The storyline is Very Juicy the dramatic sitautions and sexual relations and jokes are so awesome, especially since it relates to Real life moments. the ninja thing kinda killed it but i figured there would have to be action at some point which is fine. i look forward to many more pages and am totally in love with Quick and Chrissy being a couple! It’s just so right! <3