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#462 End to a New Beginning

#462 End to a New Beginning published on 16 Comments on #462 End to a New Beginning

and we come to the end of this Chapter, Special Thanks to Tony aka Ustudios for writing like 80% of it ^_^ . I know some of you were wondering if the Comic was going in a more action-packed setting , and no that wasn’t the intention I wanted to flesh out both Reiko and Skye and was having trouble doing so with them having ninja backgrounds and all and was wondering How to exactly do it and asked Tony for his input and help . I also wanted to know how these characters would flourish in a more mystical adventure typesetting and Some liked it Some didn’t and that’s completely fine. but now both Reiko and Skye will be taking a leave from the focus of the comic for a bit ( with an occasional phone call here and there ) and the next chapter will deal with Quick, Chrissy, and a few new characters some that you readers are already familiar with.

Thanks again for still reading and being Awesome fans see ya next week