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#420 Mother’s Sentiment

#420 Mother’s Sentiment published on 16 Comments on #420 Mother’s Sentiment
Yes I have watch Riiser’s video , and y’know what it was very entertaining , Wow some of those Older pages were indeed awful XD this is one of the fears I had when i started Rascals was creating cringeworthy pages but y’know what as bad as they are Im Glad I finally got off my butt and started it ^_^ live and learn as I go on . I may  redo some of those pages if I ever get the time to  especially some of those Long winded ones  anyways  enjoy guys I may be doing some early updates this weekend

Mastergodai is on Patreon !

Mastergodai is on Patreon ! published on 18 Comments on Mastergodai is on Patreon !
Heya guys, just in case you haven’t heard, Me along with all the other Katbox Artisst have got our own Patreons! Incase you’re interested in supporting us you can vist all our Patreon Pages at . if your looking for mine here it is Thanks you So much For the support and lets all have fun making stuff ! XD